Friday, April 4, 2008

Heads Up! Hawk Attacks A-Rod on School Trip at Fenway

On Thursday, Alex Rodriguez went 0-4 in a 3-2 Yankee victory over the Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium. How could he have been at Fenway Park earlier in the day? Private jet? No. The answer is he was able to morph himself into Memorial Boulevard Middle Schooler Alexa Rodriguez of Bristol, CT! During their class trip to Fenway Park, a resident red-tailed hawk swooped down from the sky with its talons extended and took off a piece of Alexa's scalp as she began to bleed from the head. The hawk was perched on a railing in the upper deck behind home plate while the group toured the stadium. Vince Jennetta, a teacher who chaperoned her class trip from Bristol, told The Boston Globe that Alexa is "a little shaken, but OK. It's a good think A-Rod brought her purse so she could wack the little sucker to get it off of her." It was later announced that Jennetta is suing little Alexa for trying to make a move on his wife!

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