Wednesday, April 9, 2008

MLB Unveils 'Jersey TV'

Prior to yesterday's home opener for the Boston Red Sox against the winless Detroit Tigers, Boston World Series goat Bill Buckner was on hand to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Initially this was planned as a forgiveness session between Buckner and the Sox fans for his brutal error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series allowing Mookie Wilson's dribbler up the first base line go through his legs and win the game and eventually the series for New York's second best baseball team. However, Major League Baseball felt this would be a perfect time to unveil their latest technological advance - the Jersey Television. Through a partnership with Samsung, MLB will be installing 13-inch LCD flat screen TVs onto players' uniforms just below the letters on the jersey. The forgiveness turned into yet another crying convention for Buckner, who was forced to view highlights from his bone-headed error on his jersey to the tune of booing Bostonians before throwing out the first pitch. The photo above shows Buckner unsuccessfully attempting to shoot "snot rockets" out of his nose at the Jersey TV while crying like a baby.

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