Friday, April 4, 2008

Rangers Ride Hollweg's Lustrous Mustache & Mullet Into Playoffs

Jaromir Jagr's 2 first period goals last night against the hated Islanders propelled the Rangers to victory and sealed their fate as one of the 8 Eastern Conference Playoff teams for the third consecutive year. While Jagr and fellow foreign sensation Henrik Lundqvist were the superstars last night for the Blueshirts, it's the intangibles that the much-improved Rangers bring on a nightly basis that makes them shine. Usually this means Sean Avery, but today all the credit must go to Ryan Hollweg. Since the new year, Hollweg has not just been working on his hockey game but on much more important endeavors as well - Growing an award winning Mustache / Mullet combo. So as the Rangers embark on their playoff journey, it is Hollweg's responsibility to get down and let his teammates 'Ride the Stache' all the way to the Stanley Cup!

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