Sunday, April 20, 2008


In a scintillating 7th inning matchup in tonight's ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Game between the Mets and Phillies, the the theme was Pedro and the most notable one (Martinez - DL, hamstring, out 4-6 weeks) was completely absent. In stepped one of my favorite late-round/free agent fantasy players, Pedro Feliz, to pinch hit for Phillies starting pitcher Adam Eaton against Mets reliever Pedro Feliciano. You read it right: a Feliz/Feliciano duel - smiles and cheerfulness aside - Pete Happy knocked one out of Citizens Bank Park off Pete Happiness putting the Phils back on top 5-4. Philadelphia won the game by that same score. Prior to this huge home run, Feliz's biggest accomplishment in a Phillies uniform was last week when teammate Ryan Howard hit a towering 450 foot home run, Pedro was there to greet him after he crossed the plate and had the honor of slapping the big slugger and former NL MVP on the right shoulder (seen above). Way to go, Pedro!

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