Monday, April 7, 2008

REPORT: Miguel Cabrera Now Eating Tomatoes

In a shocking report, Tigers 3B Miguel Cabrera has just made his diet secrets public. Always criticized for his work ethic and and extreme devotion to ground beef and [lots of] melted queso, Cabrera showed up to Tigers camp this spring looking trimmer than ever. He spent the offseason working out with fellow Venezuelan and new teammate and mentor Carlos Guillen. It was much publicized that Cabrera arrived at Tigers camp without his infamous spare tire, but not until now were his secrets revealed. The 'Arepa' has always been close to Miggy's heart. A Venezuelan treat, the arepa is a flat cornmeal patty which is grilled, baked, or fried. The characteristics of the arepa vary with local culture. The size and flatness may vary according to the region. They are stuffed with cheeses, vegetables, or any other wanted stuffing. It was not until recently that Cabrera began allowing his personal chef to add a vegetable ingredient into his arepas (along with enough ground beef and cheese to feed an army). Now, armed with his new buddy, Tomatoes, Miguel hopes to make a major impact on American League pitching and catapult his Tigers to their first World Series Championship since 1984. It's all about the Arepas (don't ever dare call them Empanadas!).

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