Monday, April 14, 2008

Carmelo Arrested for Steve Swindal-esque Move

In a shocking series of events completely uncharacteristic of his off-the-court behavior, 2003 NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player and this season's 4th leading scorer in the NBA Carmelo Anthony has been arrested for "suspicion of driving under the influence and looking for young tail at 4am." In the past, Anthony has shown some immaturity by getting into a fist fight at Madison Square Garden in 2007 as well as appearing in a thugged out video about the importance of not snitching on your local drug dealers. This incident is somewhat similar to that of former Yankees employee and son-in-law to The Big Stein, Steve Swindal. Pulled over in the wee hours of the morning in Tampa, Swindal was obviously out on the town scrounging for a better lookin' lady that the one sleeping in his bed at home. So the question here is what was The Melo Man doing driving around at 4am? The local watering holes in Denver close at 1am. Could he have possibly been out combing the streets for sexual relations with a woman NOT named LaLa?!? How could that possibly be the case? Melo has some solid work in the months ahead getting his reputation back in order and hopefully Nike doesn't drop his huge contract extension. But at least he didn't wind up like Tony LaRussa, slouched over the wheel passed out drunk!

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