Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dicey Times Call for Dicey Measures

After throwing two warmup pitches before the 5th inning last night, Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka removed himself from the game because of shoulder tightness. The Japanese pitcher was 8-0 in his second season in the big leagues, enjoying much success against the American League hitters so far in the young season. When the team trainer came out to have a looksee, Dice-K immediately called for his interpreter, who came sprinting out of the dugout towards the mound. Apparently, a pointing motion towards the shoulder region was not considered by Matsuzaka, as his interpreter went back and forth with him and the trainer about the injury. Have Red Sox fans considered the possibility that their $100 million dollar pitcher may be mentally retarded or just plain dumb at a minimum?!? It doesn't take an English speaking rocket scientist to shake his head and point to his shoulder and Dice-K will never learn the language if he keeps relying on his interpreter to wipe his ass at every uncomfortable moment in life!

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