Thursday, May 1, 2008

Giambi Makes Shocking Confession

Following last night's Yankee loss at home to the Detroit Tigers and second in as many nights, Jason Giambi called a press conference from the team's clubhouse. In previous years, Giambi has admitted to using steroids and performance enhancing drugs so the agenda for this press conference was assumed to be steroids-related. Giambi took the podium and made a confession much to the surprise of the media and having nothing to do with performance enhancing substances. Said Giambi: "I have worked harder in the past year on my body and staying in shape than ever before. I am mired in a season-long slump and I would like to confess that there is a pitcher in baseball that is a significantly better hitter than me. That's right, Micah Owings handles the bat much better than me as displayed by a whopping .421 avg. as well as a 4-0 pitching record in Arizona. I would like to congratulate Micah on his impressive accomplishments which include a game-tying pinch hit home run in tonight's game. Again, I suck and he's great. I'm a waste of life and understand this is my last season in New York earning my absurd paycheck." There is nothing like honesty and at least Giambi has come to grips with his struggles. Come trade deadline time, it might be wise for Brian Cashman to pull the trigger on a Giambi-for-Owings swap and try the pitcher out at first base. The way things are looking for Giambi right now, he should be looking at his non-baseball options once his career is over and one could include a spot on the competitive eating circuit. Major League Eating (MLE) could use someone of Jason's size and weight and you know the big guy will put just about anything under the sun into his body.

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