Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Get Your Chopsticks Ready

Forget that the two starters are a combined 11-0 this season. Leave out the fact that Cliff Lee has come a long way since being demoted to AAA last season. Tonight's WANG/LEE matchup at Yankee Stadium signals how baseball has truly become globalized, with a majority of MLB's players hailing from other countries (NOTE: Lee is Caucasian and from the U.S., despite the Asian name). Get those dumplings, egg rolls and lo mein ready for the chopstick pitching matchup of the century. Wang has already let the New York media know that it is in his plans for his balls to drop all night long. If Vivid Video ever catches wind of this matchup, they could offer the duo a starring role in one of its upcoming feature films, as Wang Lee has just eclipsed Buck Naked as most sought out porn star in the Western Hemisphere!

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