Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Say No to A.J.

If there is one thing the Knicks have learned over the past few seasons it's that former great NBA point guards don't necessarily make impressive future coaches. Isiah Thomas is the man to thank for learning that lesson the hard way. As the Knicks pursue their next head coach, it is imperative that they hire someone who is the complete opposite of Thomas. Former Dallas Mavericks Coach Avery Johnson (seen to the left, calling a 10-yard holding penalty on #66, offense) is not the man for the job. While Johnson's resume boasts an impressive record as Mavs coach, his team was knocked out of the playoffs in the first round the past two seasons (including a series loss to the 8th seed Golden State Warriors in 2006-07). Johnson's coaching tactics have been questioned in the past by Mavs Owner Mark Cuban as well as some of his former players like Devin Harris. Johnson is known to be extremely tough on rookies as he micromanages every offensive detail with that horrible high-pitched blabbing bark of his. Avery has one of the worst voices in sports and just the thought of listening to press conferences and post-game interviews makes me cringe! As Donnie Walsh and the Knickerbockers search for the right candidate (a list that includes Mark Jackson, Herb Williams, Mike D'Antoni and others along with Johnson), they need to look for someone who does not alienate his players, something Isiah and predecessor Larry Brown were unable to do in New York. The Knicks have a lot of work to do in order to get back to being a competitive franchise and it starts with hiring the right coach and that man is former floor leader Mark Jackson.

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