Monday, May 12, 2008

Jeter Finally Hits 1 Home Run, Demands to Bat Cleanup (Because Chicks Dig the Long Ball)

After hitting his first home run of the 2008 season on Saturday, Derek Jeter is flexing big. With big hitters Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada spending time on the DL, the middle of the Yankees batting lineup is lacking in power, something Jeter hopes to bring to the table to show the hot Victoria's Secret chicks (seen above) that he's a manly man. Manager Joe Girardi had Jeter slated in the cleanup spot for Sunday's game prior to the rainout and D.J. hopes to make more noise as the team's #4 hitter in the upcoming series in Tampa Bay. Jeter also hopes to get in a little beach time in Florida where he can go up to half-decent-looking girls, ask them if they know who he is and then demand they take their pictures with him!

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