Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marbury "Running up the Mountains" to Prep for New Offense

The once-banished star point guard for the New York Knicks is excited about the up-tempo offense new head coach Mike D'Antoni brings to the big apple. With one year and $21.9 million remaining on his max contract, the best move for the Knickerbockers is to let Stephon Marbury play out the remaining year of his contract so he comes off the books. Others options include buying him out or finding a trade partner, both of which are unlikely. While Stephon feuding quite publicly with former head coach and current [fill in B.S. title here] Isiah Thomas, he stated during D'Anotni's press conference that he is excited about playing for the new regime. Steph has customized his new workout routine to fit this style of play: "I changed my whole workout regimen to get ready for him," Marbury told the New York Daily News. "I've been doing what Karl Malone did, running up the mountains. I think from watching how the Suns play and the way he allowed Steve Nash to orchestrate certain situations, I could see myself fitting into that." Now we are just left to speculate where in Brooklyn Marbury was able to find these so-called mountains!

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