Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drogba Gets 'Bitch-Slap' In But Man U Defeats Chelsea in Shootout Thriller

Soccer doesn't usually get much press in the U.S. but yesterday's UEFA Champions League Finals between hated British rivals Manchester United and Chelsea (not to be confused with the gay neighborhood in New York) proved to be one of the greatest sporting events of the young 21st century. 2-time reigning FIFA Player of the Year Christiano Ronaldo chipped in a first half goal and the game went into Overtime riding a 1-1 tie. The rain really came down in Moscow during the OT and tempers on both teams began to flare. After a incident near the far sideline at mid field, a small ruckess ensued. Chelsea middie Didier Drobda "bitch-slapped" a Man U player with an open hand right across his face! This made the Zidane head-butt two years ago look like a love tap. Drogba was instantly given a red card and removed from the match. Chelsea played the final eight minutes of OT down a man and eventually lost in a shootout by the score of 6-5. It was an epic match reminiscent of the Italy vs. Brazil shootout some ten years ago. While the soccer was great, the bitch-slap was legendary...Didier Drogba 4 President!

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