Friday, May 16, 2008

Rodman Adds Domestic Abuse to Impressive Resume

Former NBA players are in the news aplenty this week with ex-Detroit Pistons bad boy Dennis Rodman following in Charles Barkley's footsteps. Rodman was charged with domestic violence for allegedly hitting his girlfriend at a hotel last month. Rodman was charged Wednesday with spousal battery, brandishing a deadly weapon, and one count of dissuading a witness, all of which are misdemeanors. The 46-year-old Rodman was arrested at a hotel April 30 after his girlfriend Gina Peterson called hotel security and injuries were suffered to her arm. Rodman spokesman Darren Prince says Rodman had had too much to drink when he got into an altercation with Peterson. Following the ordeal, Rodman was pleased that he was able to add domestic abuse to a stunning and polished resume that already includes being named Commissioner of the Lingerie Football League in 2005, a brief marriage to Carmen Electra, involvement in a wife-carrying contest in Sonkajarvi (that he pulled out of due to health problems) and a brief WCW pro wrestling career. Congrats Dennis - you are officially a class act!

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