Monday, May 5, 2008

May 2008 Mustache of the Month Prestigious Honor

Following the 2006 and 2007 mustache-less seasons, Tony Pena decided to 'give the people what they want' and re-grow his infamous mustache to show off down the first base line for the 2008 MLB season. After the mutual parting of ways with Yankee management and long time manager Joe Torre, Pena was given the opportunity to interview to become Torre's replacement. What did he do prior to this interview, you ask? Pena let his facial hair grow for three full weeks. The night before the interview in Tampa, Pena shaved everything but the beloved 'stache, which was fully back and ready to party. While Joe Girardi was tabbed the new manager over Pena, the great Mustachial Warrior decided to stay with the team and continue coaching first base, although he had absolutely no intentions of getting rid of that mustache (thank goodness!). So a month prior to his 50th Birthday, Tony Pena is the Ricky Vaughn 99 Mustache of the Month winner for May 2008. Congratulations, Tony, and keep that mustache rockin' and rollin'!

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