Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stupid Smelly Kid from CT Takes Off Favre Jersey...Finally

In yet another example of how people who live in Connecticut have no local sports teams to root for, 12-year-old Ridgefield native David Witthoft is a cheesehead. Witthoft, who adamantly hates to shower, received a #4 Brett Favre jersey as a Christmas gift in 2003. This idiotic kid wore the jersey every single day for 1,581 days until April 23rd, his 12th birthday. His father, Chuck, admitted that his son was starting to become more concerned about his appearance after the jersey barely came down to his waist. David was also getting no attention from his female classmates who always kept their hands and feet at least 20 yards away from the 'smelly kid who wears the same thing to school every day.' David is happy as a ever after removing the jersey, especially since the Packers have invited the whole Witthoft family to Green Bay to attend the season opener on September 8th were the Packers will retire Favre's number. Perhaps they will even raise young David's replica jersey to the rafters at Lambeau Field.

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