Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A-Rod Wanted to Make Sexy Time With Ex-Mrs. Canseco

According to the website of freelance writer Joe Lavin, Alex Rodriguez "pursued Canseco's wife" while the two sluggers were teammates with the Texas Rangers. This information along with allegations that Canseco introduced A-Rod to his steroids distributor will be released on April 1st with Canseco's new book, "Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and The Battle to Save Baseball." When asked to comment on the claim of the steroids distributor, A-Rod said, "I really, absolutely have no reaction." As far as the allegation regarding Canseco's wife, Rodriguez responded, "I don't know how to answer that. I mean, is Jessica smokin' hot? Absolutely. Did I want to hit that back when I was with Texas and before I married my wife Cynthia? Man, who wouldn't! Do I like to pose questions and then answer them myself? You better believe it, sista!"

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