Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More [seeds] is Better - The Darren McFadden Edition

Following his 37th arrest since being drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2005, Adam "Pacman" Jones is the reason behind why most NFL teams now examine "character" issues along with speed, strength, endurance and overall football talent. Federal Prison Inmate #07746381 (Michael Vick) is another prime example of how character flaws can get in the way of a successful football career.

University of Arkansas Junior Running Back and Heisman Trophy Finalist Darren McFadden has been experiencing a drop in his draft stock over the past two months since he declared himself eligible for the 2008 NFL Draft in late April. Projected as the #1 overall player in this year's draft by Mel Kiper Jr. and his understudy Todd McShay (sans the truly amazing Kiper hair -- P.S. Mel may be up for Hair of the Week Award come draft time), McFadden has fallen out of the top 5 in recent mock drafts due to character flaws that date back to his days at Arkansas.

So what are these character issues McFadden is being accused of? Honestly, it's nothing new. Once Darren declared for the draft, he did what most college students would do, he celebrated and partied hard. While doing so, he also managed to impregnate a female student. Many famous athletes of our generation have ties to illegitimate children, most notably former NBA player Shawn Kemp. However, during his celebratory time, McFadden did not just impregnate one innocent girl, but rather four (4)! Yes, you are reading this correctly - currently there are four pregnant women out there with McFadden's seeds inside them. Therefore, McFadden could certainly use a first-round pick's contract for alimony.

This information begs the question: Would you want Darren McFadden on your team? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Not only is McFadden a top notch RB talent, the type of player who is being compared to last year's Rookie of the Year Adrian Peterson, but he is an all-out playmaker with supreme athleticism. I always say I want my team to get the biggest, strongest, angriest thug player available and nobody fits this mold between than the Arkansas standout. Hopefully come draft day, Bill Parcells, Herm Edwards and the rest of the bad teams at the top of the board pass on Darren and he falls to the New York Jets at #6. Not only is New York the greatest city in the world, but it is filled with over 8 million inhabitants of which over 50% are female...and you know what that means for McFadden...sexxxy time!!

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