Monday, March 17, 2008

What on Earth is on Jamal Crawford's Shoulder?!?

Some time in January, New York Knicks Shooting Guard Jamal Crawford showed up to work with a large circular bandange covering his left shoulder. He has played the past two months with the asthetically unappealing bandage and has actually been one of the lone bright spots for the last place franchise. There has been much discussion in the media lately regarding 'what the heck' is on Jamal's shoulder. Ricky Vaughn 99 has added some possibilities on what could be wrong with the sharpshooter's shoulder:

- Bandage is covering an IV that provides Crawford with a steady flow of HGH throughout the game

- An attempt to tip the scales at a beefy 145 lbs. (Jamal thought the bandage would weigh him down an extra pound or two)

- Bandage is hiding the device ET used to "phone home"

- A box of Junior Mints is hidden under the bandage in case Jamal gets hungry during the game

- He recently had a device implanted into his shoulder with a button that plays the University of Michigan fight song (Coach Isiah Thomas, an Indiana alum, has forced Crawford to cover up the 'disrespectful act')

- Bandage is covering up his Chicago Bulls tattoo which Crawford just had inked on his shoulder because he was so drunk after a 5-game losing streak he actually thought he was still on the Bulls

I actually read that Crawford sprained the shoulder in a game in January against the Milwaukee Bucks which leads me to my next question: How on earth does wearing a band-aid improve range of motion or anything else?? We all must scratch our heads on this one, but as long as the Knickerbockers keep dominating the tabloids section of the papers, how can we complain?!?


Just one more bite said...

someone told me that he no longer needs it and wears it because he got comfortable with it after hurting his shoulder, like Rip Hamilton's face mask.

I don't believe that for a second.

LairdNYC said...

it's just like eddy curry who got comfortable wearing the fat suit he wears

PapiJulio said...

I've suffered a 3rd Degree Separated Shoulder a couple years back. NOT to be confused with a Dislocated shoulder.

Search google images for a separated shoulder. Surgery is NOT really recommened because more damaged could be done then good. Most doctors recommend Physical Therapy over Surgery because it has a better outcome then 95% of surgeries.

It wouldn't surprise me if Jamel Crawford has a nice size bump from his coller bone pushing up through his skin. It's very tender at first but doesn't really affect your ability. Doctors probably had him wear the pad for protection. I've been wacked on my shoulder playing ball. I'd wear the pad.

I have not idea if that's why he's wearing the pad. Just a guess.....