Thursday, March 27, 2008

Knicks Defeat Heat in OT Thriller

No Stephon Marbury? No Eddy Curry? No Nasty Nate Robinson? Hey, no problem! In a battle between the doormats of the Eastern Conference, the Knicks defeated the Miami Heat last night in Overtime by the score of 103-96. Apparently the crowd of 19,209 at MSG failed to receive the memo that Shaq was traded to the Suns and D-Wade is out for the season. Those poor paying folks were forced to sit through a game in which the Heat starting lineup was as follows:

PG - Chris Quinn
SG - Daequan Cook
SF - Ricky Davis
C - Mark Blount
C - Earl Barron

You are reading this correctly as Pat Riley did indeed start 2 centers. Riley has been so busy traveling the country scouting Kansas State PF Michael Beasley that he is now just chucking games in hopes of getting the #1 overall pick - pretty sad for a team that is just two years removed from a World Championship. Someone needs to remind Riles that it's all about the ping pong balls.

Wade sure looks like the second coming of Penny Hardaway and who knows if they will even be able to sign Shawn Marion to a long-term deal. Rumors are that the Chicago native Wade has his sights set on joining the Bulls once he can opt out of his contract following next season. Other rumors swirling the league have Riley switching brands of gel prior to the season, which could explain the tail off performance of his team. The new product is a "SUPER HOLD" whereas his brand since his days winning championships with the Lakers was a "EXTRA HOLD." I guess super just isn't holding up to extra standards.

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