Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What is Donnie Walsh Thinking??

Joseph Donald Walsh, Jr. (better known as Donnie Walsh) has just made the biggest mistake of his life. A native New Yorker, Walsh has left his post as CEO of the Indiana Pacers to come home and fix the Knicks in a similar position as President of Basketball Operations. Not only is Walsh coming in to a franchise mired in losing with a roster filled with long-term big money contracts that complement talent representative of a girls junior varsity team, but he must report to the world's most hard headed boss, Jimbo Dolan. If you think the bags under Donnie's eyes look huge now, just wait until three sleepless years ahead trying to get other NBA teams to make the mistakes Isiah made and accept players like Eddy Curry and Stephon Marbury in trades. Walsh has a very difficult task here in restoring glory back to New York, where the Knicks were a playoff caliber team every year following Patrick Ewing's arrival from Georgetown. But the Big Kahuna is no longer in the mix and now it is Walsh's responsibility to turn over a roster that currently has some very large fat men, guys with 'who knows what' on their shoulders, and guys who cheat on their wives in the back of SUV's with team interns. Did somebody mention that LeBron James becomes a free agent next season and is a known New York fan? Hopefully Donnie can open up those bags under his eyes, pick up Bron-Bron and ship him home to NYC where he belongs. But his first move as team president will come the day he moves in to his new office, when he finally lays the golden axe on the worst GM and Coach in NBA History, Isiah Lord Thomas III.

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