Monday, September 29, 2008

Mets Make Bizarre Decision to Celebrate Shea Stadium Following Season Collapse

As the New York Mets inched closer and closer to a second consecutive season collapse, it was time for them to send the dump of a ballpark, Shea Stadium, out in style. Who better than Darryl and Doc, Seaver and Harrelson, Piazza and Hernandez? (sarcasm) While not an overly impressive roster of hall of famers and past greats, the Metropolitans are still a New York franchise and have a very large and rather homosexual fan base.

Sunday marked the final regular season game at Shea, and while fans have come to embrace the inexpensively built park over the past 30+ years, it is still by far the worst park in the majors. The most odd decision made was for the Mets organization to hold a Sayonara Celebration not prior to, but rather after the final game which also happened to be the final loss and final collapse for the lowly Mets at Shea. Prior to the game there was at least some hope for the Mets to advance to the postseason. Going into Sunday's action they were tied with the Milwaukee Brewers in the Wild Card and needed a win to stay alive, possibly making yet another game at Shea on Monday against the Brew Crew to determine who advances and who goes home. Johan Santana pitched a masterful game on Saturday to keep the Mets alive with a 2-0 victory but unfortunately the Venezuelan ace is not able to pitch every single game for New York's second best team. In the end, the Mets fell yet again to the pathetic Florida Marlins and packed their bags for the winter, however there was still a completely uncomfortable and poorly timed stadium sendoff celebration to look forward to beforehand! Said Jacob Wolper-Gosler-Costanza, a lifelong Mets fan and Shea dweller: "Winning my fantasy baseball leagues really helped a lot knowing I won over $1,000 while also knowing how absolutely terrible the Mets are. Is it TACO NIGHT again?!?!"

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