Friday, August 1, 2008

Sports Mustache of the Month

A familiar face has turned up in a new place. Salvatore Frank Fasano, aka "The Greatest Mustache in Baseball" has made the rounds throughout Major League Baseball, most recently landing in Cleveland as the backup backstop behind Kelly Shoppach. In a special honor to the Syracuse Basketball legend, Big Fat Sal has donned the #44 for Derrick Coleman. Always a huge DC fan, it is great to see Sal and his mustache back in the big leagues. A veteran since 1996, Fasano has played for nine MLB teams including the Royals, Athletics, Rockies, Angels, Phillies, Yankees, Blue Jays and now the Indians. A lifetime .222 hitter, Sal is known more for his stellar defensive but most for his fantastic upper lip fuzz that is always very creative and hairy. At 36 years of age it is unknown how much more baseball the Chicago native has left in those legs and that 'stache of his but at this moment in time, we should all sit back and cherish every moment in which we get to watch Sal on TV.

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You complete me RickyVaughn99...welcome home