Friday, August 1, 2008

Artest, Yao to Produce New Rap Album Entitled "HomeBoys"

New teammates Yao Ming and Ron Artest have been jawing at each other through media sources this past week after the Houston Rockets' recent acquisition of the troubled power forward. Yao made a comment about hoping Ron-Ron isn't taking swings at fans in the stands anymore while Artest responded by saying that Yao doesn't yet understand how ghetto he is...apparently this is not the case as it was announced this morning by VIBE Magazine that the two will be teamming up in the hip-hop studio following the Olympics in Beijing as Yao will be adding his Chinese flavor to Artest's second rap album entitled "HomeBoys." Think Lil' Wayne meets Pavarotti...the talent these two musical geniuses bring to the rap game should breed nervousness to already successful hip hop moguls like Kanye West and Sean P. Diddy Combs. While Artest and Yao already have successful financial careers, their true passion for brotherhood and hip hop should raise their games on and off the court.

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