Monday, June 2, 2008

Sports Mustache of the Month

Last month it was the gold thong and now comes the emergence of the wonderous mustache! After a brually slow start to the 2008 season, Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi knew a change was in order. Mired in a season-long slump, Giambi saw his average dip below the interstate and his power numbers were less than impressive as well. Injuries to players like Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada only increased the pressure on Giambi to hit the ball but his struggles continued. After putting on the gold thong, Jason started feeling locked in once again at the plate. However, an everyday player cannot be expected to run around every day wearing a banana hammock. Giambi is a superstitious player and decided to grow a long, lustrous mustache to keep his hitting successes on a roll. In previous seasons, Giambi has sported the 'stache as a slump-buster and last year grew it to honor the former Yankee captain and mustachial pheneomenon Donny Baseball. This year's 'stache has excited his teammates to such an extent that Johnny Damon, Joba Chamberlain and Shelley Duncan are growing little fuzzy friends of their own! We'll see how long the mustache growing lasts but through this exercise it is very apparent that mustaches are cool and do not mess with The Giambino.

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