Friday, October 17, 2008

Lesson to All: Do NOT Urinate Near Karaoke Establishment

In society today, there are many unspoken truths and "deals" in which people and animals are aware of. The most obvious of these rules in by no means are you to urinate outside of a karaoke club. Just like George Costanza and his so-called deal with the pidgeons (WE HAD A DEAL!), Chinese Ping Pong Gold Medalist Wang Hao, found himself quite flustered after the incident that occurred early Monday morning in China. Said Hao (through a translator): "I found myself overcome with joy that Toothless Rick the Karaoke guy had all my favorite hits - Living on a Prayer, My Father's Eyes, The Titanic Song, Gettin' Jiggy Wit It and Black Balloon, just to name a few. Prior to going up on stage to show the audience my singing skills are up to par with my ping ponging, I needed to "tinkle my winkle." Rather than just use the restroom, which is no fun at all, I decided to water the plants outside the karaoke bar. Apparently the staff was none too pleased with my attempts to improve the health of the grass outside and I was detained." Let this be a lesson to young Chinese ping pong players and people around the world who enjoy urinating outside.

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