Friday, November 14, 2008

Knicks Tickets! Get your Knicks Tickets Here!

In another sad move for New York Knicks fans, supporters and members of the organization, tickets are now available at your local Costco...that's right, Costco! Marc Berman of the NY Post wrote in today's paper how the Knicks are exploring new avenues of revenue in this tough economy and for the first time in known history, have established a partnership with Costco to sell packages of 2 tickets to customers at a rate of 40% off for 300-level nose bleed seats. $70 gets you 2 seats upstairs for any game except for the good one's against Boston, Denver, Cleveland, Golden State, etc, etc, etc. If anyone is looking for mediocre seats to watch the mediocre Knicks play any of the other mediocre teams in the NBA, get your Costco membership started NOW!

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